Efficient implementation of innovative automation technology

We specialise in the assembly, mechanical and electrical installation, as well as the commissioning and maintenance of automation systems and robotic lines. Usually, such projects are time-critical and also involve technical and logistical challenges. In order to master these complex automation tasks, we work closely together with M-TECH in the development of innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Conversion of automation systems

The specified automation systems and automation lines are reconfigured or expanded according to the requirements of our customers and the changing demands of the market. The flexible control concept of our partner M-TECH helps to effectively reduce conversion times and/or downtime. During an extensive conversion of a production line with 350 robots at BMW in Regensburg, it was possible to keep refitting and reprogramming times to an absolute minimum. 

Just-in-time system and plant relocation

Also in this case a early planning and the associated preparation for dismantling is performed by M-TECH. Thereafter, we handle the just-in-time assembly and dismantling, transportation, intermediate storage, final cleaning as well as final commissioning. In this way we ensure interdisciplinary full service within a group of companies and realise the relocation of your system within a plant or from plant to plant - both nationally and internationally.

Components management - precision down to the last detail

At the right place at the right time. We provide component management in all stages of production, from prototype construction via pre-series production to final assembly. In the process, we coordinate all operational sequences, including calibration, component sequencing, welding sequence or device adjustments and ensure the quality of the individual components through continuous control. In order to ensure accurate traceability of the up to 1,000 components, all steps are tracked and precisely documented.