Case Study: Energy Supply Systems, Daimler Plant Dusseldorf

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CPS-Tech and its German parent company M-Tech work as owner-operated industrial service providers for the industry giants in the sector – particularly in the automotive industry. Most recently, an exciting assignment led us to the Daimler plant in Dusseldorf.


Initial Situation & Challenge

What Was the Initial Situation?

Daimler AG decided on a large-scale expansion of its production centers at the Dusseldorf location for the production of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30. The factory was both expanded with new systems and the old systems were enhanced with ReUse. Because of the tightly scheduled project period, the mounting of the robot applications with the right energy supply systems harbored an organizational challenge. M-Tech took over the project planning and CPS-Tech the operative execution, such as assembling and installing the hose packages.


What Was the Special Challenge?

300 hose packages were meant to be reliably assembled, mounted, and installed between October 2016 and July 2017. High demands and individual specifications were also part of the project plan. Numerous companies declined the call for bids: “Nearly impossible time-wise.”


How Were We Able to Solve the Problem?

Many years of experience, the know-how of our experts, and manufacturer-independent product knowledge are the answer. At the same time, we were already familiar with the special robot applications within the Daimler Group. Our employees are regularly engaged in working for the automotive company, and thus we were now also entrusted with the assembly of the hose packages. On that account, we provided Daimler with our expertise directly onsite – over the entire project period.

The routes were getting shorter – the processes and implementations faster. The processes ran fluidly between purchasing and production, so that all articles could be mounted immediately. Thus, equipping the new robots and the existing, older systems with our energy supply systems were completed exactly according to schedule.

Unexpected challenges did emerge in the timely progression of the project, however: Suppliers missed their delivery times for a few items. Flexibility was also in demand here: M-Tech quickly found more reliable partners and thus kept to the tight timetable.


What does the customer say?

“Outstanding work and execution. There was no loss of production. In terms of time, a perfect process.”

Thus, our utmost goal was achieved: In addition to timely assembly and mounting, the production processes at Daimler were not to be adversely affected. CPS-Tech is pleased with the successful project schedule and the further collaboration, and is already concentrating on the follow-up orders they received.

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Project details


Daimler AG


VS30 ReUse & New Systems


Installation in the framing


Oct. 2016 to July 2017


Daimler AG, Plant Dusseldorf

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