Energy Supply Systems for Industrial Robots

In close collaboration with its German parent company M-Tech, CPS-Tech assembles standardized and custom-made energy supply systems for advanced tasks. This is because, through Industry 4.0 applications in particular, the supply of enormous quantities of data is becoming more and more important in the production process. Our hose packages also already meet these increased requirements. The energy supply systems by CPS-Tech also conform exactly to the robot’s movements. This saves material, and results in the perfect prerequisites for the unimpeded transfer of energy, data, and media. And all of that “Made in Germany”!

Special offer: You’ll receive a 20% discount on your first package (without mounting).

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Reliable Energy Supply for Your Robotics

CPS-Tech offers you standard energy supply systems, as well as individual solutions, for your robotics. All hose packages are torsion-resistant, drag chain-suitable, and specially designed for robot applications. You’ll receive our products with the length, shape, filling, connectors, and various corrugated hose sizes always perfectly fitted for all standardized robot applications. In addition, CPS-Tech will assemble the hose packages for you precisely according to the individual requirement specification.

Expert Know-How for Energy Supply Systems in the Robot Periphery

Extremely short delivery times

We deliver ready-to-mount energy supply systems. This includes connectors, assembled cables, and holistic energy supply modules starting at a batch size of 1 or in series, deliverable within 10 days. At CPS-Tech, purchasing and production work together in perfect harmony.

Fast repairs & exchanges

At CPS-Tech, all articles are directly available. This allows us to make short notice repairs within 30 to 60 minutes. We also offer on-site exchanges of all types of cables directly to the application. Every step will be documented for you along the way.

24-month guarantee

You’ll receive a 24-month guarantee for our energy supply systems, and in the event of an outage, you’ll immediately get an exchange with the necessary replacement cables. CPS-Tech assembles your new hose packages exclusively in Germany.

Energy Supply Systems by CPS-Tech: A Powerhouse!

You’ll receive our hose packages for spot-welding, bonding, screwing, and gripping applications with all of the conventional cable types in various sizes – from nominal sizes 29 to 70.

  • Shielded single conductors
  • Motor cables
  • Servo cables
  • Measurement system cables
  • Bus cables
  • Hybrid and control cables
  • Corrugated tube
  • Self-fastening hoses
  • Bus connectors, hybrid sensor connectors, and motor connectors
Energiezuführungen Industrieroboter Ansicht Kabel

In a case study, you can read how CPS-Tech and M-Tech joined together to prepare the Daimler Plant Düsseldorf for the production of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VS30.

20% Off the First Test Energy Supply System

You’ll receive a 20% discount on your first package (without mounting). We adapt our products according to your individual requirements. Write us and we’ll contact you at your earliest convenience.

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