Industry 4.0 - innovative networking of man and machine

The digitisation of the industry and the intelligent networking of man, machine and industrial processes within the context of Industry 4.0 initiative has become an established part of our business. Here, the focus is on combining production processes with cutting edge information and communications technology in order to guarantee a smoother material flow, more efficient production and faster logistics. Cyber-physical systems (CPS) provide multi-functional production control or monitoring of production, and also support overall efficiency, for example within hybrid work processes or mass customisation.

Improved work processes through human-robot collaborations

We are constantly developing and we put a lot of emphasis on human-robot collaboration, among other things. These collaborations are particularly suitable for providing flexible support under the toughest conditions and with maximum availability, but they can by no means compete with human competence. Rather, they relieve employees of monotonous, physically strenuous or dangerous work. An almost perfect combination of innovative technology and human ingenuity is found, for example, in the cockpit construction for the new Mercedes S & E-Class at the Daimler factory in Sindelfingen.

Automated transport systems made to measure

Even in the case of automated transport systems, the customised automation solutions, including process and cycle time optimisation for enhancing the overall equipment effectiveness, are initially designed and engineered by M-TECH. We subsequently assemble and install the transport systems within your automation system. The speed of automated transport systems is especially important in the medical field. One example would be the faster and more secure movement of blood reserves within a hospital, something we implemented together with our partners, AGW and Swisslog, in 2016.

Conveyor technology - continuous material flow

We implement high-performance conveyor systems within your automation systems, adapted to your specific in-house material flows. In addition, we also handle the modernisation as well as the cleaning and maintenance of your existing systems to reduce downtime and increase plant availability. Re-use, replacement of individual components, as well as complete conversions, e.g. the type-integration of the new Mercedes VS30 Sprinter at the Daimler factory in Düsseldorf, are all part and parcel of CPS-Tech system modernisation.